Techniques To Attract New Followers On Instagram

7 Amazing Techniques To Attract New Followers On Instagram Business Reels

Nowadays Instagram Reels are very much popular with people. From small businesses to large influencers, marketers are highly active on Instagram reels. It is the right platform for all to communicate with others and promote their products or services. Instagram Reels allow you to record, edit, and share 90-second videos to get a boost up on the Explore page. If you create more exciting content in your reel, you can safely boost the views on your Instagram videos. Instagram reels are almost similar to stories. However, Instagram reels have a lot more features than Instagram stories. For example, reels have different video editing tools, AR effects, and speed controls. You could also collage videos into one reel and create attractive videos.

Tips To Create Instagram Reels To Attract Followers

1. Audio

On Instagram reels, you can make your audio for your content. Using your own audio on reel can be effective for spreading brand awareness and reaching new audiences. Just imagine you record an audio clip to become famous on Instagram. By chance, other people will use your audio in their Instagram stories and reels with your permission. While using your audio in their post, your profile will get in front of their audience. Meanwhile, you could get more traffic on your Instagram profile and acquire more followers. 

If you do not like to post your own audio, Instagram reels have an audio feature. You can choose tracks and sounds from the reel audio catalog. A search option is also available to find your favourite audio for your content. 

2. Publish Content

It would help you thoroughly analyze your target audience to get more followers using Instagram reels. Before creating your reels, you want to identify the audience’s interest and trending audio to get more reach. Creating energetic and funny videos using reel features will make meaningful relationships with your followers. Here are some of the most known features of Instagram reels. 

  • Music: Select suitable music for your video clip
  • Playback: Apply speed-up and slow-mo effects on your reel
  • Effects: Impressive backgrounds, themes, filters, and games are available on Instagram to make your reel more interactive. 
  • Timer: This option allows you to manage your reel length and make hands-free recordings.

3. Engaging Target Audience

By engaging with your audience, you could encourage your followers to like, comment on, and follow your profile. You need to reply faster to your audience’s messages to maintain authenticity and show them you care about their opinions, comments, and questions. This two-way communication is the best way to interact and engage with your followers.

4. Show Off Your Products

For businesses and influencers, Instagram reels are more beneficial for showing off their products or services on Instagram. Make sure you share creative content based on your business and thoughts. You can also add images and videos on your reels with a stunning Instagram feed post. You can also conduct giveaways on your reel to  get more Instagram likes help you to increase follower count  and enhance your brand. 

5. Add Captions

Adding captions, text, and subtitles to your Instagram reels is one way to connect with your target audience. Instagram reels are highly focused on audio. While others watch your reel, they will interact with your entire reel even without knowing the audio played. Adding text and useful quotes to your reel makes people more engaging. Your quotes should show that you care about your audience’s thoughts and interests. 

6. Make Your Reel “Real”

Post reels that tell about you and your brand to your target audience. You could cover your whole story, like how you started this business and why. If you show behind-the-scenes on your reel, your followers will trust in you and your brand. Show off everything to your followers about your brand. 

Before and after reels are highly trending on Instagram. These can be more helpful for audiences to understand your brand and success story behind it. It’s applicable for all content like before and after makeup, ordering and packing products and so on.

7.Share Your Knowledge

Adding educational content in a 90secs video is more inspiring for people to watch. Create “top tips and tricks”, “how-to” and short and crispy content are best for sharing our thoughts. Your content is educational not to be stuffy or boring. You need to post something new and different from other reels. Always ensure your content is related to your brand, products, and services.  


Instagram reels are a well-known tool for all marketers, influencers, and other users. Hopefully, you can get above seven points about Instagram reels to boost your audience engagement and brand authenticity. The combination of shorts and crisp content with using features is the best one. You can start planning your reel content using the above tips and get better results on your profile.