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6 Instagram Marketing Strategy For Ecommerce Store

Do you find it annoying that most search results on Google’s first page are for well-known companies?

Really, each and every one of them.

The only way to surpass these guys is to be the best.

If search engine optimisation (SEO) isn’t your thing and you need to get your brand in front of people quickly, social media is where it’s at.

Social media include the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google+. However, their interactions with companies and online shopping couldn’t be more dissimilar.

And let’s be honest, when customers perform a search for an item, Amazon typically dominates the first page of results.
It doesn’t matter how amazing your internet wares are if nobody knows about them.

This is where the true potential of social media lies.

It enables you to directly approach prospective customers where they spend their time and draw their interest to your business.

It also provides you a leg up on the impersonal e-commerce behemoths.

Including social media in your e-commerce strategy is a must.

The Ultimate Resource for Promoting Your Online Store

Here is a collection of practical Instagram marketing techniques, along with detailed instructions, that you can use to promote your online store. This will aid in expanding your Instagram profile and attracting new followers, which in turn will assist spread your online brand. This post-COVID-19 marketing guide is a great resource for anyone in the field.

Step One: Find Successful Images from Others to Use in Creating Your Own Brand Image
Branding your photographs is essential, particularly on Instagram advertising and posts, because people appreciate uniformity.

Most people will trust someone who is consistent.

When consumers have faith in your company, they are more inclined to make a purchase.

That being stated, there are a few steps you may take to zero in on an effective form of image branding…

Develop a unified aesthetic

Use a predetermined colour scheme (if one is required).
However, you may find that you require inspiration before you can do either. How to locate it is as follows:

First, compile a list of everyone you will be up against.

Every Instagram user subscribes to a few accounts. It’s possible, for instance, that Etsy shop owners who are selling similarly successful handcrafted crafts will pose a threat to your business.

It’s likely that they, too, are making use of Instagram to promote their business.

Research rival brands on Instagram

After locating competing businesses’ profiles, investigate their activity.

The use of a Google Doc or Sheet is strongly suggested. This will make it simple to identify their aesthetic preferences, brand colours, and hashtags in images and videos. Use this as a starting point for your own unique approach to social media identity.
Third, keep track of the things that appeal to you.

After browsing the accounts of other business owners in your industry, you’ll have a clearer notion of the tone and style you want to convey through your own Instagram postings. Also, you should check out their most recent Instagram Stories.

The Importance of Consistent Visual Branding and How to Create It

Instagram advertising and posts that use the same visual style help establish credibility and attract new followers, as we discussed before.

Visual cohesion can be achieved in a variety of ways.
Nike’s carefully curated Instagram feed features a wide range of colour overlays, effects, and even movies.

However, each and every picture is clear and sharp. Just by looking at those six pictures, you can tell it’s Nike.

Nike is a sports and fitness company, so it makes sense that the company would promote things that make people feel things like determination and confidence.

Motivate Your Readers to Take Action by Sharing Inspiring Images

Taking pictures is a universal pastime, and an even more universal appreciation for a well-taken photograph. Taking a picture with your phone isn’t enough to make a good photo.

Some of the most impressive photographic works are also regarded works of art.

Since Instagram’s foundation is photo sharing, it’s clear that you should put a lot of thought into the visuals you use to promote your brand.

I don’t think it’s necessary to go into detail as to why inspiring photos and articles are effective.

Taking a picture on your phone and uploading it to Instagram is great and all, but there are occasions when you need to go the extra mile.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of Instagram apps that can assist you in developing interesting material.

Make the Most of Hashtags to Expand Your Brand’s Exposure

Instagram’s built-in organic search feature is one of its most impressive features.
Instagram is a combination of a social media site and a search engine.

Whereas Google employs keywords and blog postings employ tags as part of their ranking, Instagram makes content more discoverable via the platform’s search function by means of hashtags.

Take a hypothetical Instagram search for “Nike” as an example.

Nearly 100 million posts use the hashtag #Nike, which you can see by going to the “Search” tab, clicking on “Tags,” and then typing in “Nike.”
You can easily remain in the search results for quite some time and even become famous enough to become a top post if you use a branded hashtag that is popular enough to get searches but not so popular that you get thrown out of the results.

Because of this, those who are looking for what you offer in relation to that “keyword” will have no trouble finding you.

Using hashtags, you can spread your message far beyond your existing audience. Instagram includes hashtags as a tool, and the platform’s algorithm rewards users who make good use of these and other available tools.

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