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8 Effective Tips To Boost Instagram DMs From Customers

It’s possible that one of the most useful aspects of Instagram is not what you’d expect it to be…Messages sent directly from Instagram. Yup, DMs. For a company of any size, the benefits of using Instagram’s direct messaging feature are hard to overstate. Making use of your direct messages (DMs) enables your small business to communicate on a personal level with its clients, which assists in the formation of deeper relationships, contributes to a rise in brand loyalty, humanises your company, and enhances customer service.

According to Forbes, “49% of customers bought items they did not intend to buy due to a personalised recommendation from the brand they were doing business with.
Direct messages (DMs) on Instagram are a useful tool for client acquisition for small businesses, particularly service-oriented enterprises. The question now is, what can you do to increase the number of direct messages that potential clients send to you? Here are eight simple strategies that can help you receive more direct messages on Instagram from potential clients.

Send DMs

The very first piece of advice for increasing the number of direct messages (DMs) you receive from clients is to actually start sending more DMs yourself. Get familiar with the Instagram direct messaging system, and make an effort to send out a few brand-building DMs on a daily basis in order to assist in igniting dialogues with prospective clients.

Reply to direct messages

Why would your consumers send you a direct message (DM) on Instagram if they have already done so in the past and not received a response from you? A simple acknowledgment that you noticed their message by saying something like “Hey, thanks for your feedback!

Introduce Yourself to the New Followers

Create an environment in which new followers immediately feel valued and appreciated. Send them a new message in which you express your gratitude for their continued following. Be sure to use the person’s first name to personalise the message, and always provide your honest opinion. Automated communications are easy to recognise for most individuals in today’s society.

Make a Bargain Offer

There are a lot of different methods in which your company might provide special discounts just for the people who follow it on Instagram. Make a post on all of your social media channels announcing that you are running a special deal and directing your audience to write you a direct message on Instagram in order to receive the coupon code. You also have the option of putting together a group of fifteen individuals to whom you may send a direct message (DM) that contains a VIP discount code.

When Telling Stories, Use the DM Sticker

Instagram just recently released a brand new Direct Message (DM) Me sticker. If you include a DM Me sticker in a Story, your followers will be able to touch on it, start typing, and the message will be sent directly to your direct messages. This is an efficient and straightforward method that may increase the amount of direct messages as well as the interaction on your Story.
Another fantastic strategy for boosting direct messages on Instagram is to simply increase the frequency with which you post to your Stories. You aren’t sure what to post to Stories, are you? Using the Boosted app, you can quickly and simply make marketing films of a high quality, as well as obtain access to excellent stock photographs and movies.

Pose a Question or Participate in a Poll

Ask your consumers a question! You have the option of doing so either in the description of the post you made to your feed or by making use of the question sticker for Stories. Request a suggestion from them or find out which of your products is their favourite. If you don’t get a lot of interaction right immediately, you might want to consider giving a modest reward, such as a discount coupon, to everyone who reacts to your Story or comments on your post.

Keep an eye on your devoted supporters

Demonstrate to your followers that you value their support. Reach out to some of your most devoted fans and thank them for their support while also inquiring about their well-being and, of course, providing them a special bargain every once in a while is something that can’t harm.

Hold a competition

Give special treatment to your most engaged and active followers on Instagram! Hold a competition and tell participants that if they are one of the first 10 people (or whatever number makes you most at ease) to send you a direct message on Instagram, they will be included into a drawing for a consolation reward. Check out this tutorial for more information on how to host successful giveaways on Instagram.

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