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Case Study: Expanding Your Instagram Following

The rewards for succeeding in attracting a dedicated Instagram following are substantial. If you want to learn the fundamentals of Instagram account development, read on…
Instagram is crucial for businesses of all kinds as a means of increasing their visibility online, reaching their target audience, and ultimately making sales.

Reach may be expanded by starting an Instagram account early and focusing on growing it. This will ensure that when potential clients conduct an Instagram search, they will find an active profile with material worth reading and, ideally, following.

We talked to Sean des Portes, a would-be personal trainer who is now working to build his Instagram following in the hopes of attracting new clients.

If you are just getting started with Instagram for your small company or freelancing services, Sean offers some fantastic ideas and recommendations for you! We’ll go through a handful of his most effective methods for expanding an Instagram presence, along with concrete suggestions on how you may put them to use for your own business.

Create a following before trying to make a buck

Sean is of the opinion that he can’t promote his services as a personal trainer unless he has a following of real people who care about what he has to say and about him as a person.

For this reason, he has approximately 2,000 fans despite having advertised zero paid promotion (PT) offers. Target demographic members really interact with his postings, and he has established credibility before trying to sell anything. A few illustrations of how to implement this tactic to expand an Instagram following

We all know that the Instagram algorithm loves it when a post gets plenty of likes and comments right away (more on this later). Hence, if you want more and faster responses to your articles, try asking questions.

Learn Instagram’s Secret Formula

These methods for expanding one’s Instagram following have the added bonus of getting one’s profile ranked higher by the Instagram app’s algorithm. Although it has been mentioned many times, true engagement with other Instagram users is essential to getting the most out of the app.

The more likes and comments your work gets, the more likely it is that the algorithm will recommend it to other people. With more likes, your Instagram post will be prioritised in the feeds of your followers and, if you’re really lucky, it may even be featured on Instagram’s Explore page!

Posting when your audience is online and engaged is a terrific way to take advantage of Instagram’s algorithm and boost interaction. We developed a free app that syncs with your Instagram business account, then examines your followers’ actions and demographics to determine when they are most likely to see your posts throughout the week and when they are most likely to engage with them. Join today by linking your Instagram account and watch it flourish…

Hopper HQ’s Three-Step Instagram Scheduling

Hopper HQ is a desktop application for managing your Instagram account and preparing your feed visually in advance.

Tools like Hopper HQ make it easy to plan ahead and publish consistent, high-quality content to your Instagram account, all while freeing up valuable hours of your time to focus on other aspects of account management and driving growth.

Create New Video Material

Adding video to your Instagram account is another method for expanding a following. Instagram’s influencers and marketers are rapidly turning to video, and the fitness industry is one of the most active sectors.

By using videos, Sean is able to give his fans a glimpse into his daily life, including his workouts, dinner preparations, and the kind of intimate family time we’ve been talking about. The use of videos on Instagram has increased by 80% year over year, making it a fantastic tool for expanding a user base.

When it comes to expanding his Instagram following, Sean isn’t just relying on the fleeting videos of Instagram Stories, but also on longer-form videos…

Several ways to get Instagram followers…

Sean has employed a variety of digital marketing strategies, including but not limited to those found on other social media platforms and in addition to Instagram, to expand the reach of his business.

On a side note, he also grew his Instagram following after publishing an e-book on Amazon that detailed a band exercise. In a similar vein, Sean has provided free online tutoring to his community in order to grow his following and secure consumers who can serve as testimonials once he begins monetizing his Instagram profile.

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