Instagram is one of the trending social media platforms which can be used for different personal as well as business purposes. In a business point of view, Instagram stories may help them to increase sales besides spread brand information in a broader audience quickly. On the other hand, in people’s point of view, it may help them to improve followers, likes besides become famous. If you are running a new business, then using Instagram stories wisely can help to grow your business quickly also achieve organizational targets. 

Instagram story is a fantastic feature added recently, which allow users to post photos as well as videos full of fun context, emojis, stickers. Don’t forget stories are visible only for 24 hours. Using stories ideally allows you to grab more benefits without getting stressed or depressed.  Also, you can go to Buy Instagram Story Views for getting benefits immediately. 

Collect customer feedback

It’s not an easy task to collect customers feedback while going one to one place. It takes lots of time, travelling cost besides business efforts. Customer feedback matters a lot to know whether they like your business brand products and service or not. Every business person adopts different ways to satisfy the consumer. Also, it is essential to take their feedback. 

With the help of Instagram stories, you can better take customer reviews or feedback with polling or asking feature. Customers can write feedback in question/answer box attached with the post. 

Power of hashtags

Do you know the power or role of hashtags? No? Don’t panic; paying attention to forthcoming content helps you to clear all doubts. Hashtags can be used to spread the post/story in a broader audience smoothly without wasting more efforts. The people who follow particular hashtag can see the post and can reach out you for business service. 

Engage with the audience 

Tag other famous people who are using your business brand in the post. It permits all public to engage with your business brand without going to other businesses. For engaging with reliable users, you can easily use advanced Instagram stories feature such as-

•    Polling 

•    Question/answer

•    Tagging audience

Increase organic traffic on business websites

You can easily use Instagram stories for your business website by posting engaging content. Well, many businesspersons adopt different SEO techniques to increase organic traffic on-site, but they get failed. \ Use good videos and attach website link before posting it on Instagram stories. In case if you want instant results that more people see the story, then you can Buy Instagram Story Views from .