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Instagram: How to Hide Your Likes and Why It Matters?

Instagram now lets you conceal your likes both on your own posts and on your timeline. This has several positive effects, including on mental health, by reducing the incentive to seek others’ praise. Furthermore, ever since its launch, this function may be used on both previously-created and newly-created photos.

The change was long overdue, and Instagram had even pondered getting rid of like counts altogether at one point, so the timing seemed perfect. Whilst it hasn’t reached that point yet, many users have appreciated having the choice to enable or disable the like counter. Learn more about hiding your Instagram like count below.

Why does Instagram hide people’s likes?

The Instagram app notice for beta testers explains that the company wants you to know how to conceal your likes on Instagram so that your followers can focus on the content you provide rather than the number of likes each of your posts receives.

Study after study has shown the negative effects of social media usage. Despite the best intentions, the widespread use of social media has had a detrimental effect on our psychological well-being, contributing to increased rates of poor self-esteem, loneliness, anxiety, despair, and isolation.

Instagram and Facebook, its parent firm, recognise the importance of allowing users to conceal their likes as a means of bolstering the platform’s reputation and keeping its users safe. Instagram’s Head Adam Mosseri has stated that the goal is to reduce stress and competitiveness so that users can put more energy into making meaningful connections with those they care about and being inspired by what they see.

Instagram’s goal in reducing the importance of likes is to encourage users to post more often and reduce the frequency with which posts are removed because of low like counts.

the following factors contributed to this conclusion:

  • From the standpoint of Instagram’s target audience, the service’s overarching goal is to reduce the amount of time spent comparing oneself to others, reducing the amount of social pressure one feels, and increasing the amount of content one may freely interact with.
  • Rather than focusing on amassing a large number of likes, Instagram encourages creators and influencers to put their energy into making quality content and fostering meaningful connections with their audiences.
  • From Instagram’s standpoint, it is still a battle to prevent users from purchasing likes so that the platform can be a more secure environment for its community.

Why Should Businesses Hide Instagram Likes?

It appears that many Instagram users have felt driven to upload stuff that will make them popular on the network since likes seem to carry such huge weight. The site has been criticised for fostering a hostile, fake, and heightened atmosphere for its members due to this same reason.

In fact, Instagram’s early trial indicated that users who choose to hide likes experienced a reduction in stress and a greater sense of control over their own actions.

The internet giant’s goal in doing away with the ability to receive approval for online posts is to ease the burden of constant social comparison. Maybe, but is it the sole justification for hiding the number of likes? Some other considerations for hiding Instagram likes:

Causes a rise in the quality of output

Maybe more original ideas will be generated if Instagram users are not able to view the number of likes on other people’s photos. The purpose of this change is to get people to stop worrying so much about how many “likes” their material has and start giving more consideration to the actual quality of their posts, such as the photos and descriptions they employ.

As a user, you will still have access to information on the number of ‘likes’ each of your posts receives. When used in conjunction with other analytics, this might help you determine what your followers enjoy and what they wish to see less of. Instagram wants its users to be brave enough to upload more high-quality material without fearing that their post won’t be seen as remarkable depending on the number of loves it receives.

Instagram likes are a measure that may impact the success of a post even if you opt to hide them. It even has an impact on brand influencer partnerships.

Reduces the Need for Approval from Others

Not receiving sufficient affirmation or recognition for one’s efforts might make dealing with impostor syndrome challenging. You can conclude that you can’t compete with major companies if you look at the number of likes their posts get and compare it to the number of likes on your own post. You may lessen the impact of those negative emotions by hiding the Instagram likes count.

Facilitates the Elimination of Prejudice

It’s human nature to allow societal bias colour one’s judgement at times. People may decide a brand isn’t worth following if they notice its account has less likes than others. Hiding your Instagram likes in this way will prevent followers from prejudging your account and will encourage them to evaluate your work on its own merits.

Has no bearing on Instagram’s ranking system

Instagram’s engagement ratios are always the same regardless of the context. If a post’s original publisher chooses to hide the likes counter, it will no longer show in its usual location at the bottom of the post.

The “like” button (the heart) is still accessible to users, and the invisible “like” counter continues to function normally. The amount of likes a post has earned will still be visible to the post’s original author.


The key to gaining Instagram followers and likes is to be consistent and persistent. The increase of your Instagram following, however, does not need you to focus just on one indicator. Increasing the number of likes on an Instagram post is one way to increase the platform’s engagement rate.

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