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The acceptance Of TikTok In educational settings

One of my favourite things to do is research cutting-edge technologies and pioneering platforms in our field. We’ve noticed a more or less established presence forming on the key platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and others. Brands are increasing using Snapchat to reach a younger demographic.

Now, there is a new child on the block, and they have been here for a while, but they are already creating waves in the social scene. I’m speaking of the video-sharing app TikTok and how its younger audience uses it to make all kinds of films, hold challenges, perform in duets, and do other fun things.

Why should we, as educators and professionals, take heed of TikTok?

Some of our most important customers are on it, but we ourselves might not join.

In social media, we often stress the need of finding out where our target demographics hang out online so that we can assess whether or not such sites are good places for us to join the conversation and interact with other users. When you consider how many people are using this site, how many videos are being uploaded, and how often they are downloaded, you can’t help but be impressed. Please find below a link to some potentially useful data for further investigation and consideration.

Somewhat distinct from other forms of social media influencers is the TikTok community.

The days of Vine, the short video platform acquired by Twitter, come to mind. In a short length of time, these people came up with really original videos, songs, and other elements. Those who have succeeded in building a following on our site have shared some impressive works with the community. TikTok influencers, however, typically do one of two things: they either advertise their presence on other platforms (like Instagram or YouTube) or they make sure they have a central location for their own brand (ex. website). However, just because TikTok is trendy right now does not guarantee that it will remain so in the future. As we are still discussing rental space for a community, it is essential that you maintain some means of hosting your own brand and cultivating a following. TikTok stars are reshaping some of the rules of influencer marketing.

TikTok has attracted more and more companies as it has expanded.

Like other recent social media sites like Vine and Snapchat, this one has seen a slew of corporate names appear to join the discourse. Whether or not they should join the discourse depends on whether or not doing so is beneficial to the community, the brand, and whether or not they can do so in an honest way. We are already seeing some sponsored content emerge, but it is important for marketers to strike the right balance. Perhaps TikTok can learn something from the reaction of Snapchat users and the subsequent developments.

The inventiveness of its users is astounding.

Consider the benefits of a brand recruiting and talent culture approach for prospective students at an institution like the University of Florida. The National Football League has joined the bandwagon and announced a multiyear collaboration with video sharing platform TikTok. The NBA has also maintained a sizable following in that region for some time.

Therefore, you might be wondering

Set up a profile and plan your approach. A large percentage of the kids I’ve spoken with in class have an account, yet they seldom post anything original. I’ve noticed the same thing happening on other apps like Vine and Snapchat; users enjoy viewing material they don’t feel entirely at ease with.

A future internship or employment, however, may need them to explore, teach, and train people on a platform they are unfamiliar with. Working and instructing in the field of social media has this wonderful perk: you never stop learning.

They could test its viability and consistency with the established brand voice and presence, as well as see how others, including their own university (they might turn to the University of Florida for inspiration), may utilise it.

Examining a new or popular song or challenge in order to draw conclusions.

Students may assess the platform’s efficacy by considering what’s popular, why it’s trending, and what companies and other organisations could do in reaction to these trends.


Examining case studies is a great approach to figure out what did and didn’t work, as well as where you may make improvements. Go here for more inspiring examples of how others have used TikTok for good. As an added bonus, you can view the films that were made in response to a certain campaign (like Create for a Cause) in each individual case.

Developing commercials.

To make an advertisement, TikTok can use this page, which contains the necessary materials. For a change of pace, rather than working on a Facebook ad or a video ad for YouTube, you might work on a mockup for a TikTok ad or, if your client has a large followers on TikTok, you could work on a budget for a TikTok ad. Employers and internship programme directors could take notice of this.

Exhibit completed work.

TikTok users have been sharing their finished projects and classwork under the “assignments” category for some time now. Most of these are from other countries, however it would be instructive to have students make a film showcasing their final effort.

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