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Companies and the Power of Instagram Highlight Reels

During the summer of 2016, Instagram introduced a new feature called Reels, which was an exciting time for both content creators and their followers. Very quickly, the thought occurred to me: Could anything like this be utilised for brand initiatives? And how exactly will the functionality of the feature influence the production of content?

An Unrivaled Window of Opportunity for Exploration

Before beginning to use Reels, companies should make sure they have a clear understanding of exactly who they are trying to target and at what stage of the sales funnel they are currently operating. These brief films are tailored to target audiences in a discovery mentality using a one-of-a-kind algorithm that offers content to individuals who are most likely to like it. This is not a tool for having in-depth chats with your most devoted fans (based on user interest, previously liked posts, popular and trending content, and locale).

Also, the Explore page and a separate tab for Reels allow you to expand your viewing of Reels outside your immediate circle of followers. In a nutshell, you should go with Instagram Reels if spreading awareness and increasing views are your top priorities.

Access to Tools for the Production of Expert Content at Your Fingertips

On the Instagram app, marketers are able to plan, capture, edit, and improve material before sharing it with their followers. Even though many social media professionals compose their posts elsewhere, Reels was developed expressly to serve as a useful tool for the production as well as the dissemination of content. The following are some of the augmented reality (AR) capabilities that are available for brands to utilise: branded AR filters that can be downloaded from the Spark AR studio on Facebook;

  • Speed adjustments
  • Countdown timer for recording without touching the mic or recorder.
  • Stickers and SMS messages with a time limit
  • Tool for making alignment adjustments to user-specific content

Sound on

Visuals and sound can be seamlessly integrated into an immersive campaign experience here at Reels, which is why this venue is so appropriate. Because the sound is turned on by default in the tab, and because the vast majority of users prefer to view videos with sound on, marketers need to take audio in mind from the very beginning of the ideation process. In point of fact, music frequently serves as a source of inspiration for pictures (consider sound the hashtag of the Reels world). Reels provides numerous chances for businesses to get creative with sound, including the recycling of original audio from famous videos or the use of royalty-free songs from Facebook’s sound library. Although music is an important component, marketers do not always need to rely on big hits.

A Look at Several Relationships and Goods

Use the one-of-a-kind approach to entertainment that the platform’s producers have developed, and make it simple to denote a paid collaboration by using branded content tags. Businesses have the opportunity to profit from the genuine voices of their partners in the Media sector and to reach new audiences who are eager to convert when they receive a reference from a reliable source. Product tagging is something that can be implemented in Reels by any seller, regardless of whether or not their store has a checkout mechanism, as well as by any qualified creator. You may direct people to your online store by including a link in your Instagram profile or encouraging them to shop your items with the shopping tags Instagram provides. In addition to being an efficient choice for partnership material, contests and challenges are a fun and fruitful method to imprint your company’s identity on the newest fashions and trends.

Approach things in a manner that is centred on achieving your goals

In the end, companies that use Reels should make sure that their methods are geared at achieving some sort of purpose. Whether you want to inspire, entertain, or spread the word about a product, you should think about how you can ask your audience to join and how you can make it simple for your community to repeat what you are doing. Make things straightforward and easy to understand, update frequently, and pay attention to the content that customers are currently engaging with. Your urging people to take action have to be entertaining while while being uncomplicated. Always keep in mind that a smile and a chuckle may take you a long way. Your return on investment (ROI) will skyrocket if you add value for your viewers.

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