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Finding Instagram Business Partners Using Data From Facebook

You already know how much we here at Kickstagram like educating you about the value of influencers. Of course, it is sometimes easier said than done to discover Instagram influencers and other key partners.

This next item of advice may seem shocking, coming from us, the Instagram obsessed people:

Using Facebook’s Audience Insights, you may (gasp!) identify potential joint ventures that can elevate your Instagram brand’s promotional efforts.

Facebook’s Audience Insights areā€¦ what exactly?

To begin, it might be beneficial to define Facebook Audience Insights and examine why it is such a crucial part of many brand marketing plans. Any Facebook user with an advertising account may see Audience Insights. If you want to learn more about Facebook as a whole, as opposed to just your own page’s followers, check out Audience Insights.

Using Audience Insights, you can segment Facebook’s whole user base according to demographic characteristics like age, education, geography, and even marital status. Insights about your target demographic may be gleaned from this information through Audience Insights.

Facebook provides you with vital sorted data, such as the most popular Facebook page for each category and the top categories your audience is interested in based on third-party demographic information and Facebook’s own user metrics. The consumer’s buying habits and other relevant lifestyle data that might inform your marketing messaging are also visible.

So, what does this mean for business collaborations on Instagram?

Is there any relevance to Instagram? Let’s imagine you’re trying to attract customers between the ages of 18 and 35 to your brand new restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s fantastic that you want to reach out to them (and that you realise Instagram is the place to do it), but what exactly are they into? Just how are they?

Let’s head on over to Audience Metrics. Phoenix, Arizona residents between the ages of 18 and 35 will make up the bulk of our target demographic, and we’ll narrow down further on those whose hobbies include “restaurants” to find the kind of customers most likely to test out your new eatery. About 150,000 Facebook members are left in the area after this calculation.

Now that we know who we want to reach with our content, we can examine the “Page Likes” information that Facebook provides. From well-known attractions and events to exciting after-hours pursuits, this category provides a wealth of options for smart local connections.

You may find more successful companies and influential people to collaborate with for your next Instagram campaign simply by looking through this list. You could offer free admission to Castles N’ Coasters to the winner of an Instagram contest for our made-up restaurant. Alternatively, you and the 13th Floor Haunted House may team together for a Halloween-themed campaign.

You may increase the success of your Instagram and other brand marketing activities by attracting your target audience’s attention and earning their confidence through strategic connections formed with the help of the information provided here.

Depending on your needs, Audience Insights might help you limit your focus or broaden your reach. Email subscribers and Facebook page likers are great examples of bespoke audience groups that may be uploaded. Using Audience Insights, you can learn what your audience cares about most, and then use that information to create content that will resonate with them on Instagram.

Although it may seem counterintuitive at first, using Facebook to locate Instagram strategic partners may have a significant impact on your brand’s overall marketing.

After all, many firms have become the digital behemoths they are today by harnessing the power of various social media platforms.

Using Facebook’s Audience Insights, you may learn more about your target demographic, leading to more fruitful collaborations and improved Instagram strategy.

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