The newest video functionality on Instagram lets people create videos and post videos for up to fifteen seconds with background music. you are not alone if you think this feature is similar to something. A lot of people around the world compare it to the TikTok platform. This latest feature on Instagram is now available in more than fifty worldwide countries. And also, they are trying to expand that rapidly. This Reels on Instagram is a great place to share everything else, beauty videos, travel videos, fashion videos, and styling videos, whatever you like. You can share that through Instagram Reels. The Reels on Instagram do not directly post in your Instagram Feed, which is the same as posting videos on Instagram on Feed. Instead of this, Instagram provides you a separate new section on your Instagram profile. This new section for Reels on Instagram in your profile is way similar to the IGTV option. 


There are three feed sections of Instagram Reels within the application. By going to the Explore tab on Instagram, you can access the Reels. You can interact with Reels and browse the Reels on Instagram in the same way you now watch your Instagram Feed. The Reels video coming up on your Instagram Feed will be one of those people you have already followed on the platform.  You can comment on Reels and buy Instagram Reels comments for getting more visibility. Like on reels in the same way as sharing Reels to your stories and post the Reels and send the Reels to your family or friends or someone through DM. You can also tell Instagram if you are not interested in any video by just clicking the “not interested “option in the three dots in the Reels videos below the video caption. You can also see the “feature “Reels on Instagram. 

And that featured Reels are the public Reels selection, which Instagram chooses for making you help to find the native video content that will inspire you and entertain you. You will be notified if your Reels have been selected for the featured section Reels.


You have to go to the homepage feed on Instagram if you want to make a Reel, and just swipe to the right side as if you will create a story on Instagram. Choose the “Reels” option from there and create your Reels. You can find effects and sounds and directly use them from other people’s Reels. From a vast library of sounds and songs there, you can pick your favorite sounds and songs. You can add stickers and text in your Reels videos in the same way you add in the Instagram Story. You can also select the part of the video clips that the text displays on. And the text will disappear on the screen for the video parts that you do not want the text on.