An introduction to the Instagram Reels: Reels is a new method to record fifteen to thirty seconds video clips set to sounds on Instagram.  Everyone is comparing the Reels feature with the TikTok application. You will see the Reels tab at the center place on the new navigation bar on Instagram. 

Instagram Reels is a brand new method to make engaging and fun video content. The latest video feature of Instagram is now available in the US and other fifty countries. Instagram users can record and edit fifteen to thirty seconds videos set to sounds and share them to their new Reels tab on users profile, Explore feed, and Stories just like the TikTok application. 

You can find Instagram Reels now at the forefront of Instagram ( new navigation bars center stage), with the latest update of the application. This is a big change in the Instagram application. This change plays an important push in sharing Reels more often, and users browse the Reels more often. Instagram reels are the place to be a great destination for fun and short videos and help your Reels video content get discovered by the latest audiences on a global and bigger stage.  

As you scroll on the Reels tab, you will watch Reels from the trending and popular accounts instead of watching Reels from the accounts you follow on Instagram. The Reels tab gives a greatly immersive Reels experience with the auto-play video. You can also find Reels content on the Explore Page, on the peak of seeing Reels on the new Instagram Reels tab.

The Instagram Reels algorithm feels similar to the For You Page of TikTok, while it has not been revealed yet. As you are scrolling through the Reels tab, you may find some Reels videos with the ‘featured’ label just above the caption. If someone’s Reels get featured, then the user will get notifications, according to Instagram. You can either upload the video from your gallery or choose to record video clips instantly.  You can use the text tools and draw tools, and Instagram stickers, once you are happy with the video clips. Buy Instagram Reels views instantly for your Reels video clips after you upload.

Most of the Instagram features sound similar to the TikTok application. 


You can access the Instagram Reels and create Instagram Reels in three dissimilar ways: the Instagram Stories camera, the Reels tab, and the Instagram home screen.

To access the Reels via Reels tab:   tap the camera on the top right-hand side corner.

To access the Reels via the home screen of Instagram:  tap the plus “+” icon on the top right-hand side corner and just scroll to the tab “Reels” at the base of your screen.

To access the Reels via Instagram stories camera:  open the Stories camera of Instagram and discover the Instagram Reels icon located either between the create mode and Normal mode or on the bottom menu that is very next to “Story.”