Twitter is a powerful social media network worldwide. Get the world’s leaders recognition of 83%, account holders of 3 billion, and the monthly users of 330 million. Many companies are using social media strategies to build your brand stronger on an online presence. 

Learn Twitter metrics to make wise decisions for your marketing campaigns. If you understand the needs of your audience is to create an interaction. 

Tweet Performance

You can keep track and measure your success on social media. Make your attention on Twitter that helps your brands to compare the performance of every week with others. Use a social benchmark to highlight your campaigns to your shareholders and executives. To measure your metric on Twitter is by averages.

Using Twitter Analytics, you can measure the average performance of your tweets, such as engagement, shares, and retweets. 


Measure your success on Twitter is being social that helps to know the people who follow you. To find the relevant content by using demographics such as gender, interests, lifestyle, and about your followers. 


Engagement is one of the essential metrics to track any company that helps to build a relationship with the audience. If you want to become active on social media is to make a connection with your audience. 

There are many ways to engage with the brand of your audience. By using a branded hashtag, click a link, Twitter likes, follows, replies, and retweets. You can find the Twitter engagement on the Twitter Analytics dashboard on the Engagement tab.


Based on your follower’s data and engagement metric, people can interact with your brand. To show your impressions, you can check how many people viewed your account every day. If you have a stronger impression and lesser engagement, that indicates not having the right content. While seeing impressions, you can get an idea about the reach

Performance of Hashtags

If you are not getting more likes to your perfect tweets is to buy likes on twitter rate.

Use specific branded tags to make attention and use the A/B test to check which hashtag gets better results. Hashtag performance analytics helps to get information about most engagement terms and hashtags. 

Find the best tags to get a response from the audience to enhance engagement that helps to make an attractive campaign. 

Video Completion  

Videos are a more popular and influential way to engage with the audience. By using Twitter Analytics, you can view the video views. The completion rate is to get how many people are interested in seeing the video and comparing it to metrics like shares and retweets.

Return on Investment

It is an important metric to display your valuable campaigns. If you spend money on your Twitter campaigns, it comes to getting customers, leads, and conversions.