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An Ultimate Guide: Promote Own Music On TikTok

TikTok’s origins as Doyin and indicate that the platform has always been connected to the music industry. TikTok’s virality now has the power to make or break a musician. Many common approaches to advertising music online are too rooted in the past to provide useful guidance for modern social media platforms. However, with the popularity of TikTok on the rise, it is now more important than ever to have strong music promotion strategies. It’s easy to see why it caught on: everybody enjoys getting up and moving to some tune. However, not everyone has what it takes to be a musician. TikTok is the perfect platform for sharing content where creators can have some unadulterated creative fun. But what if you’re a music marketer on the platform looking to promote your label’s artists to the platform’s massive engaged user base? So, you want to know how to make your music go viral on TikTok. Where do you even begin?

The Power of Music in TikTok’s Dissemination

When users are dispersed across unrecognisable platforms, how do you reach them with a TikTok music promotion? There’s no point in having the best song or musician in the world if no one can hear it. People no longer pay for music; instead, they are willing to listen to advertisements in exchange for access to free streaming services. After all, they probably won’t listen to music once its popularity has faded. You, as a music marketer, are aware of how fleeting the industry’s most popular product truly is.

Voters seek the upvote because they want the best ideas to emerge on top. This is because it is easier (they don’t have to go looking for music), it is sometimes true that great music coincides with massive popularity, and mainstream success is more common.

Get yourself plugged into TikTok, and you’ll soon realise how useful it is as a tool for discovering new music creators. Who’s that with the amazing songs but only seven views? Keeping an open mind and ear could help you manage them.

For the attention of music promoters and record labels: Put out solid music suggestions, and you’ll reap the benefits. Promoting talented unknowns on TikTok shouldn’t give you pause if you truly have good taste. Delivering what your genre’s fans want is the crux of social media marketing.

Marketers see huge potential in using TikTok as a platform to reach the 18-to-24-year-old demographic. Setting a daily budget of $20 and $50 for Ad Group and Campaign Level respectively allows you to begin running your campaign like any other.

Effective Strategies for Spreading the Word about Your Band’s TikTok Page

Just dive in headfirst. A platform that can swipe you down in the algorithm in a fraction of a second will require a comprehensive attack to gain traction.

First and foremost, be committed to truthfulness

celebrities are fake. Promotional support is fictitious. They’re just regular people who figured out how to build an audience online. An audience will form around the unique qualities of the music you promote and the artists who create it. To be genuine is to have the courage to accept and celebrate diversity and to be content with one’s own unique identity. Incorporating these principles into a company’s identity is a smart move. Unfamiliarity with the public is the root of the issue, as not everyone has the same opportunity to rise to prominence. To get started, some people need the backing of influential people.

2 In 15 seconds or less, suitable for TikTok

Take your best thirty seconds and play it at full volume. Your goal should be for users to incorporate the music into their own videos, thereby increasing the likelihood that the song’s fragment will be heard by the one billion users who visit TikTok every month.

Make challenges

The ice bucket challenge is a classic example that everyone enjoys participating in. You just need to come up with a new one that goes viral and back it up with music from your label for people to start looking for that style of music.

Take advantage of duet and stitch

Adding yourself to the end of a video or filming your own with a popular one playing is a simple way to generate original content while capitalising on a current trend that is likely to increase engagement.

Create a specific audience or group

It’s often simpler to elicit enthusiastic participation from a small subset of people than it is from the general public. This is because dominance is more noticeable in a smaller setting. Being genuine and not trying to please everyone will help you stand out online, as will producing high-quality content.

Work with people who already have a sizable following—influencers. You can count on them to spread the word about your music to the people you need to reach. One surefire way to get people to listen to your music and build your reputation is to pay for promotion from influential people.

Make use of pertinent hashtags

It’s simple to locate generic hashtags for video content. While they may be essential, you may find more success with less general keywords.

Eight, keep tabs on your TikTok analytics: when you find a winning content formula or influencer collaboration, don’t take it for granted. TikTok analytics should be closely watched at all times.


In Conclusion

Getting your music heard on TikTok isn’t something you should take lightly. Maintain a steady presence and genuine interest in the platform’s user base. If you’re trying to gain traction on TikTok as a music promoter or an artist, it’s important to maintain a positive attitude, keep your videos short, include captions and audio, be genuine, and be consistent. Promoting your music on TikTok requires testing different strategies to see what resonates with your target demographic.

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