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How To Get Started With Reddit Ads

Reddit is a tremendously wide and passionate channel packed with hobbies that span the gamut of just about every hobby, topic, interest, or lifestyle you can think of, and is expected to expand at a rate second only to TikTok in 2021 in terms of year-over-year growth.

The Basics of Reddit

I definitely suggest A Beginner’s Guide to Reddit: How to Get Started & Be Successful by Brent Csutoras for a much more in-depth introduction to Reddit as a channel.

Yet, a foundational knowledge of the platform is required to comprehend the advertising possibilities it presents.

Images, videos, and text may be posted in these communities, depending on the subreddit’s restrictions.

The user community can then express their approval or disapproval of a post by clicking the “upvote” or “downvote” buttons.

What’s the Point of Placing an Ad on Reddit

When comparing Reddit to other established ad channels like Meta or Twitter, social media advertisers may find benefits by placing their ads on the website.

Market Segmentation

Reddit’s over 3 million active subreddits cover nearly every specialised interest imaginable, making it a good resource for finding your specific demographic.

Depending on the medium, Reddit claims to have an unduplicated reach of between 25% and 70%.

A substantial portion of your target demographic is probably on Reddit if you’re having problems locating them elsewhere.

Participation from Active, Enthusiastic Viewers

Reddit makes up for its smaller user base in active users than social media giants like Facebook and Instagram.

Regular users of Reddit spend an average of 34 minutes each day browsing the site.

Users on Reddit tend to be between the ages of 18 and 35, and they are particularly engaged in subreddits devoted to topics like video games, style, and pop culture.

Save Money

Due to lower levels of competition, CPMs and CPCs on the Reddit ad platform tend to be far cheaper than those on the most popular social advertising networks.

We’ve seen CPMs that are less than a third the cost of Facebook and CPCs that are less than a fourth, however these numbers may vary widely depending on region, target audience, and purpose.

How to Begin Promoting Your Business on Reddit

Setting up a Reddit advertising account is simple. You can do it all with only an email and a credit card.

Targeting Ads to Certain Audiences

Interests, Communities, and Custom Audiences are the three primary methods for targeting users on Reddit.

Intentionally Intended Viewers

In order to serve adverts to specific people, this method makes use of a wide range of behavioural and first-party data.

A few examples are as follows:

The use of targeted customer lists (emails).

  • Remarketing to those who have already shown interest in your material by, say, watching a video or clicking on an ad.
  • Remarketing on the web (showing ads to those who have previously visited your site or made a certain action on it).
  • Due to the small quantity of profile information gathered, you may have noticed that Reddit does not feature age or gender targeting. But, geographic targeting is an option.


Ads on Reddit may be shown in two different places: the Feed and the Discussions.

Ads are displayed in the feed placement whether users are seeing their “Home,” “Popular,” or “My Subreddits” feeds, or when they are viewing a specific subreddit.
Conversation placement goes a step further by displaying adverts to users who are actively participating in a thread. Between the initial post and the first remark, these adverts consistently show.

Guidelines From the Experts

Avoid Haste

Alternatively, make your campaign run for a longer period of time to provide Reddit more data from which to draw optimizations. Although Reddit suggests a minimum of 12 weeks, I would recommend shooting for at least 4.

Stretch Your (Scope of) Vision

Use Reddit’s inexpensive and consistent CPMs and CPCs to your advantage by expanding your audience reach.

Start with the appropriate interest categories, but expand your reach as much as possible by adding appropriate subreddits.

Discover Which Subreddits Are Best for Your Campaign

While it would be helpful if Reddit provided recommendations for which subreddits to promote on, this is not currently the case. So use this helpful tool to graphically graph subreddits that are of interest to your audience.

Imagination Is Vital

For Reddit to be successful, you need to put in more time and effort into crafting the perfect piece of content than you would on most other social media sites. 

You’ll get more responses from Redditors if you make it easy for them to understand what you’re selling and what you want them to do. Put your call to action front and centre. Flowery brand language has no place here; instead, be direct and your readers will thank you.
Act in accordance with your true self: Get to know your target market so you can create engaging ads for them. Use conversational tone and common words to connect with them.
Don’t be hesitant to advertise specials and discounts on Reddit to reach the massive user base there. Similar to this one, there are other subreddits on the site that focus solely on discounts and sales. The people adore them.

Consensus Reached

Advertisers interested in reaching both mainstream and specialised audiences will find a lot of useful information and opportunities on Reddit.

While the interest targeting capabilities on Reddit aren’t as extensive as those on Meta, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you can still reach your desired audience by focusing on members of any of the over 3 million dedicated communities (subreddits).

As Reddit is not as large as the most popular social networks, advertising costs will be substantially cheaper per thousand impressions and per click.

If you’re having trouble connecting with or maintaining engagement from your target audience on other social media platforms, you might want to give Reddit a try as part of your social media marketing plan.

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