TikTok is a new trendsetting social media platform. When comparing to other platforms, it became the most downloaded app globally. TikTok covers 150 countries in 75 different languages over Asia, America, and Europe. Also, TikTok got 1.5 million downloads last year. 

TikTok leveled out as a massive platform with an increased user base of 178 million active users. TikTok’s main aim is to bring back the funny element on social media and offer different trends or even begin new.

TikTok became a hub where audiences spent their biggest and most exciting moments. The TikTok audiences perform dance moves, AR filters, skits on celebrations.

How TikTok Works?

TikTok’s pages are two types: the homepage and discover page. 

Homepage: When you start TikTok, you will be jumping to the homepage. It has recent trending videos from popular content creators. 

The great thing about the platform is that you need not follow anyone to start on TikTok. Your profile shows content after you sign-up on the app. After you start to follow people, your homepage will display videos. 

Discover page: It enables you to browse users and hashtags. Also, displaying some of the recent trending hashtags and challenges. 

Every TikTok users have a profile page that displays their videos. Also, highlighting followers and video counts. 

TikTok videos can be 15-seconds longer. The users can combine the videos into a 60-seconds story post. 

How Brands Use TikTok Marketing?

TikTok grows with an engaged user-base. It was only a few years ago; every business started to use TikTok marketing methods. 

Here are few examples of TikTok marketing strategies:

Hashtag Challenge

Hashtag challenges play a major role in TikTok’s community and content. At any time, there will be a group of challenges that users can take part in to make their brands visible. On hashtag challenges, users take with a simple idea and work upon the videos. 

Say, for instance, Jimmy Fallon started the #tumbleweedchallenge on TikTok. The challenge motivated the users to drop on the ground and roll around like a tumbleweed. 

Fact: TikTok shared 8K #tumbleweedchallenge videos. 

Once a hashtag challenge started on TikTok, users can take part within few clicks. Hashtag challenges are a basic part of TikTok. 

Get success by using hashtag challenges, that you need not have to promote your challenge. Also, you can motivate users to get involved in the hashtag challenges. If you plan to increase your brand’s growth by visibility, then maximize your views rate. In addition to that  you can maximize content exposure through TikTok views, bring more audience for your videos. 

User-Generated Content

User-generated content and user participation are essential for any TikTok ad campaign. For example, a TikTok brand that worked this UGC concept. Say, Chinese restaurant Haidilao.  It introduced a DIY option in its menu; they would make their style, off-menu dishes. 

As audiences suggested the DIY choice, they got motivated to record the experience. Also, they shared it on TikTok. 

This ad campaign resulted in the gathering of users to Haidilao. Also, they shared their videos with others on the platform. More than 15K people requested the DIY process at the chain’s restaurants.  Also, more than 2,000 video shares of 50M views.  

Influencer Marketing

TikTok’s influencer marketing is a huge range for the platform that brings massive outcomes. 

Here’s an example of Adidas promoting their youth-based brand, Adidas NEO. It established the profile in January 2018. To grow their online presence, brands collaborated with star celebrities. Even TikTok influencers like Yiyang Qianxi and Dili Reba partnered.

Adidas Neo shares content featuring its product but not in a simple way. Its videos usually show people to make fun, where people are wearing Adidas Neo products. 

Fung Business reports that the Adidas Neo profile grabbed 1.21 M followers and 2.8 M interactions. It had likes and comments within the first month on the platform.