Why is My CellPhone Signal Weak All Of Sudden?

CellPhone Signal Weak

Weak phone signal is the most common problem which people face in their routine life. It happens all over places like home or workplace where your mobile phone shows few signals. Numerous factors affect the cell phone signal tower Generally, the cause can be categorized as poor coverage due to building materials, weather conditions, geographical location, etc. 

Let’s briefly discuss the causes and solutions for the weak signal strength!

What causes Poor Signal Strength?

When disturbances block the transmission, we can struggle with the poor cell signals on phones, laptops and other devices. You may think this issue arises because of the network providers. But the reality is “No”! Not in every case! There can be several reasons for the poor signal strength.

Below are a few reasons for the bad connections in general.

Reason 1. Building Materials:

The building materials of your house like steel, concrete, bricks, can affect your cell phone signal and lead to a weak signal. These materials will not allow your signal to penetrate through the building. So when you build your own house, try to avoid the materials like bricks, steel, etc. Instead of these materials, you can use more wood as possible and you can also use plain doors. Try to research and invest in things that don’t affect your signal. 

In case you are living in a rented house, you might walk outside to check your signal improvement. 

Reason 2: Geography:

Natural creation can also block cell phone waves and lead to weak signals all of a sudden. Mountains, valleys, forests, etc., can make a lovely view, but they are the main reason for the poor signal. If you live on the side of a mountain, you will get a poor signal because the cell towers are rarely distributed in the mountain region. In such a case, you can come to the lower areas to get back your signal.

The leaf of the tree can also block the signal waves and thus results in a weak signal. If large trees surround your house, then it is the leading cause of the sudden weak signal. 

Reason 3: Weather Conditions:

Weather conditions like rain, humidity, wind, thunder, lighting, etc. might weaken your cell phone signal because cellular devices use electromagnetic waves for communication. Bad weather conditions can weaken your signal. 

For example: Cell phone signal travels in waveform and severe weather conditions (rain, wind, thunder) will disturb the path of those waves resulting in a weak signal. Through these waves, your cell phone can access the internet, send and receive messages, phone calls and more. For maximum signal, there must be a clear sight of vision between your phone and the nearest cell tower. However, it is not always possible because there is no perfect earth place with excellent weather. 

Reason 4: Traffic Congestion:

In ancient days, we used cell phones for only calling and texting. But in this digital world, people spend more time on mobile phones. They have become your life saviors. When ¾ th of the population in your area uses the phone simultaneously, the signal traffic will be more. With the increased traffic, you will face weak signals. In that case, your phone will compete to pull the best signal for your usage. You can achieve your signal strength just by replacing your network provider.

Reason 5: Cell Tower Distance:

The answer to your question, “Why is my signal weak on my phone” can also lie in the cell tower distance. The typical cell phone can reach its nearest cell tower. Densely populated areas will have many cell towers, whereas isolated parts tend to have few cell phone towers. If you are far from the tower, you might get a low signal and call drop issues. In that case, try to relocate to an accessible location to get your high cell signal to enjoy your communication!

Reason 6: Low Battery:

When your battery is running low, it automatically changes to the power-saving mode, which reduces the mobile phone processor to function at its best. The mobile phone processor will help us to draw the maximum possible wireless signal strength from the nearest cell phone tower or transmitter. Therefore the cell phone battery affects the network signal. Maintaining the minimum 25% charge on your smartphone is recommended to strengthen the network signal.

Reason 7: Phone Case:

Cell phone cases with thick covers directly impact the signal strength. It will be a physical barrier for your antenna to catch the signal. The antenna is essential for your smartphone to transmit and receive signals. So try getting a thin case to improve your signal strength.

Reason 8: Solar Flares:

Solar flares are intense eruptions of electromagnetic radiation that happens in the sun’s atmosphere. The explosion sends a plume of gas into the atmosphere and as a result, it disturbs mobile phone communications. These solar flares produce shock waves that travel through space and disturb satellite signals. The disturbed satellite signal will create a change in the magnetic field, and in turn, it affects the cell signal.

Solution For Fixing The Weak Cell Phone Signal:

  1. Cell Phone Signal Boosters:

An easy way to solve your issue is buying cellular signal boosters. You can buy boosters depending on your needs (home or workplace). Cell phone signal boosters help you to communicate with the nearest cell tower easily. It comes with three main parts:

  • An interior antenna: Duplicates the signal in your home or office for your phone.
  • An amplifier: Increases weak cellular signals.
  • An exterior antenna: Communicates with the tower to encapsulate the signal it sends to the amplifier.

These elements work together to give you a stronger inbound signal. The boosted signal will ensure reliable service for everything ( calling, texting, etc.). It is easily available in the retail store, or you can make your own homemade signal booster. 

You can also try using a femtocell to increase your signal strength.

  1. Femtocells

Femtocells are tiny access points for cell signals that expand the cell phone signal in a single focused location such as home or work. It provides a limited but helpful bandwidth for internet surfing, messaging and calls. It transforms the existing internet into an active cellular service to access the high-speed internet. 

Femtocells function like a small cellular base station and can easily attach to your modem. Once fixed, it can give five-bar connectivity anywhere in your house or workplace. Five-bar connectivity indicates that your device is connected to advanced LTE technology.  


The above-mentioned are the reasons for the weak signal on your smartphones. If you still face the issues of poor signal strength, you can relocate your area, or else you can buy the cell phone signal boosters that are commercially available at your nearest store.

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